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Business Name: Diez Medellín SAS
NIT.: 900360649-8
Address: CALLE 10 A No 34 – 11 Int. 127
Telephone: (57+4) 4481034


DIEZ MEDELLÍN SAS hereby informs the individuals whose personal data are in our databases about our data processing policies:


Purpose of Personal Data Collection and Processing:

DIEZ MEDELLÍN SAS may use personal data to: a) Fulfill contracts with clients, suppliers, and employees. b) Address complaints, claims, suggestions, or assess service quality. c) Send commercial information or promotions about products and/or services. d) Facilitate the selection, evaluation, employment process, and legal matters. e) Manage orders, payments to suppliers, and report tax information. F) Ensure visitor and employee safety through CCTV.

CCTV data will be used for security purposes in common areas of DIEZ MEDELLÍN SAS facilities and may serve as evidence in internal or external processes if complaints are lodged before the competent authority. Information will be used only for the specified purposes and will not be sold, transmitted, or disclosed without explicit authorization.

Personal data provided will be used solely for the stated purposes, and all information is securely stored on our servers. We may subcontract third parties to support operations, but they must protect personal information with appropriate security measures and refrain from using it for their purposes.

Personal data of minors must be provided with the consent of their legal representative, respecting their best interests and fundamental rights.


Rights of Personal Data Holders:

The data holders or their representatives may exercise the following rights: a) Know, rectify, and/or update personal data. b) Request proof of granted authorization. c) Revoke authorization and/or request data deletion. d) Inquire about the use of personal data and file complaints with the relevant authority. e) Access personal data processed. f) Be informed of the treatment policy and modifications prior to implementation, available on our website and electronic means of contact.


Information Processing and Personal Data Protection Policy:

DIEZ MEDELLÍN SAS is committed to complying with Law 1581 of 2012 and Decree 1377 of 2013. This policy applies to DIEZ MEDELLÍN SAS, its employees, and third parties acting as data processors.


Procedure to Exercise Rights:

To inquire or make claims about personal data, individuals or their representatives should contact DIEZ MEDELLÍN SAS providing necessary documentation. We will respond within 10 business days. Claims may take up to 15 business days to be addressed. All updates to this policy will be promptly communicated to data holders.


Personal data will be treated confidentially and protected against unauthorized access, alteration, loss, or fraudulent use.


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