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About us

When planning where to stay in Medellin, no hotel offers the style, service and sophistication that you will find at Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia.


Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia is consolidated as the best provider of Accommodation and Food and Beverage services with a hotel infrastructure, inspired by Colombia and its regions, created to satisfy the senses and needs of its customers with quality, based on the continuous improvement of its processes in order to generate maximum profitability for its investors and contributing to the development of the country's hotel sector.


For the year 2022, Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia will direct its efforts to continue being recognized as the best conceptual Hotel in the city of Medellin, preserving the differentiating factors of quality (compliance, comfort, innovation) in the service provided, having a focus and comprehensive commitment to its stakeholders.



Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia is committed to providing Accommodation and Food and Beverage services that meet the needs and expectations of customers and interested parties, we will do this through differentiating attention, the development of our human talent, the improvement continuous processes, compliance with regulations, efficient administration of resources, the company's commitment to the protection and promotion of workers' health, the implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System for the management of occupational risks and the development of sustainable processes that contribute to the preservation of the environment, the promotion and conservation of cultural heritage, the participation of the social and economic development of the environment, in order to achieve the strengthening of the company.

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