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Enjoy a varied gastronomy! Learn about the restaurants you will have access to when you stay at Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia.


Boga Restaurant

You will be lucky enough to try Colombian cuisine in one place. Located on the terrace of the Ten Category Colombia Hotel.

Zona Restaurantes


Bagatelle is a meeting place to delight the senses at any time of the day and rediscover the small pleasures of life through: handmade products prepared to the minute, a menu without time limits to eat what you want when you want, a welcoming with doors always open and a familiar service that makes you feel at home.

Taller de comida

Sushi Train

The first kaiten sushi restaurant in the country. It offers a delicious and different experience.

DO YOU DARE TO TRY IT? Sushi, Rice, Ceviche, Teppanyaki.

VAP Zone

A different space, a place to vape while you enjoy some drinks and share with a friend. They also have a store where you can buy all their products.

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-27 at 8.24.03 AM.jpeg

The Mine (Cigar Bar)

Of those who have their clan of friends, of those who like whiskey and good liquors, of those who get together to play POKER and smoke... yes, those are LOSMIOS.…

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