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Biosafety Protocols

In these difficult times, you have been our impetus. For 10 years our main objective has been the comfort and safety of our guests and although the current situation has brought many changes, the goal remains the same, to provide unforgettable experiences.

Today we had to stop along the way, but during this time we have been thinking about your well-being and how to adapt our services to guarantee your safety. For this reason we have implemented the following protocols:


We adopt the biosafety protocol issued in resolution 666 of 2020 by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.




All our rooms are being disinfected before and after each guest with an ozonator to provide them with a safe environment.




We have installed disinfection stations in different areas of the hotel for the use of guests.




All our guests must wear masks in common areas and we install specific points for their proper disposal.



All our staff will be working with protection elements, in addition, the people who clean rooms and common areas will have additional elements to keep your space disinfected.


We carry out continuous training for our staff based on the recommendations of the WHO.



All kitchenware, tablecloths, towels, sheets and other hotel linens are washed with disinfectant products at a temperature above 60° C.



The breakfast offered within the rate will be American type to avoid contact of other people with the food as much as possible.



Temperature measurements will be taken with a laser thermometer for our customers, suppliers and employees.



We have established a daily cleaning and disinfection procedure before the opening and after the closing of the establishment, of the common areas and contact areas such as elevator buttons, handles, etc. Likewise, we guarantee regular disinfection days during the day.


We will be implementing additional protocols as new guidelines are issued by the national government.

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