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Quality and sustainability management

Comprehensive Management Policy

Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia is committed to providing Accommodation and Food and Beverage services that meet the needs and expectations of customers and interested parties, we will do this through differentiating attention, the development of our human talent, the improvement continuous processes, compliance with regulations, efficient administration of resources, the company's commitment to the protection and promotion of workers' health, the implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System for the management of occupational risks and the development of sustainable processes that contribute to the preservation of the environment, the promotion and conservation of cultural heritage,  the participation  of the social and economic development of the environment, in order to achieve the strengthening of the company.

Quality certificate  



​​ Rights

Know the information on the management of natural, sociocultural and economic resources that impact DHCC

Enjoy the sites of tourist interest in the region

Enjoy each of the DHCC spaces (neat and tidy)

Know the information on the legal requirements applicable to guests for accommodation and tourism activities

Know the policies and guidelines for the provision of the DHCC service

Communicate any type of news, complaint, claim or comment regarding the provision of the DHCC Service

Have respectful care

Enjoy the services offered by the hotel in accordance with the policies and guidelines for the provision of the DHCC service

​ Duties

Make proper use of DHCC facilities

Make rational use of natural resources (water, energy)

Separation at the source of the waste generated at DHCC and at the places you visit during your stay

Respect the culture, beliefs, traditions of the people of the region

Respect DHCC Social Spaces

Respect the tranquility of other customers and guests

Respect DHCC Employees

Comply with legal requirements to prevent the sexual and commercial exploitation of children  and adolescents associated with travel and tourism in  Colombia

Comply with the contractual conditions for the provision of the service

No smoking in DHCC facilities (rooms, social areas)



We support and defend

In development with the provisions of article 17 law 679 of 2001 and Law 1336 of 2009, the hotel warns the guest that exploitation and sexual abuse  of minors in Colombia are criminally and civilly punished in accordance with current legal provisions.

We are a Smoke Free Hotel. THE CONSUMPTION OF TOBACCO AND ITS DERIVATIVES IS PROHIBITED within the Hotel facilities, complying with Colombian Law in Law 1335 of 2009, Article 19. Non-compliant guests will have an additional automatic charge to their account for the same value of their applied rate and the Hotel reserves the right to terminate your stay.

Law 17 of 1981 and Ministerial Resolution No. 1367 of 2000, in order to prevent Illegal Trafficking of Species of Flora and Fauna

Law 103 of 1991 and its decree 904 of 1941, law 397 of 1997 and its decree 833 of 2002, law 1185 of 2008, in order to avoid Trafficking in Cultural Goods

Law 1482 of 2011, law of non-discrimination or exclusion of vulnerable populations.


Code of conduct


Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia (DHCC) wants to provide Lodging and Food and Beverage services with professionalism and integrity. Reflecting on the environmental, social and economic impact of our actions. Acting in a socially responsible manner in all our business management, promoting good practices, inside and outside the Hotel.

The DHCC code of conduct exposes the commitment to compliance with regulations, establishing standards of conduct that guarantee, through a vision of the interest groups, our responsibility, values  and principles.

Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia discloses its position on commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents (ESCNNA); the integrity of a good living condition for both the employee, the company and the client, managing to encourage and promote these provisions through a constant internal and external information campaign.

Ten Hotel Category Colombia searches with  social responsibility permanent training of its staff, motivating them to apply the values and principles with which we work both in their daily lives and at work.

Also Ten Hotel Category Colombia  cares for and protects natural resources, promoting an environmental culture  in all the services it provides; On the other hand, it constantly promotes tourism in our country.

Our commitment and responsibility for action in all our work relationships are in accordance with our Comprehensive Management Policy. That from now on they are in this Code of Conduct.


Who must comply with the Code of Conduct?

All employees of Diez Hotel Category Colombia.



Loyalty: It is having a sense of belonging  with the resources of Ten Hotel Category Colombia.

Joy, Enthusiasm and Sympathy: It is the ability we have to feel and transmit emotion, happiness, joy, pleasure and dynamism, it is to be kind and express warmth.

Civility: It is being courteous and respectful to others, it is behaving well in any place, it is knowing how to express oneself.

Responsibility: It is having the ability to make decisions and assume their consequences. Be punctual and meet agreed commitments.

Integrity and Confidence: It is being consistent with ideas and actions, acting honestly and not deceiving. It is not having contradictions between what is thought, desired, said and done. It is to generate trust and credibility before others.

The commitments of conduct established in this Code are mandatory for Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia  and considered a permanent element within our business model.

Incorporate this code of conduct into the sustainability program, which dictates the rules of conduct for the company, employees and the guest/client.

Ten Hotel Category Colombia must report on the provisions of this code:

On the website

Induction manual for employees who are linked  to the work team.

Internal communications.

Continuous feedback to current staff through campaigns and training.

In accordance with the provisions of Law 679 of August 3, 2012, Diez Hotel Category Colombia, is committed to the prevention of exploitation and sexual abuse of minors associated with tourism, therefore the following activities of prevention.

In the case of minors, legal identification must be requested, to verify the link that identifies them with first-degree kinship. If the guest is staying with another minor relative who is not the child, it is reported that they must support by means of a letter of authorization authenticated by the parents so that they can stay. Rent should not be allowed when there is suspicion that it may be a  case of sexual abuse of minors.


All cases of abuse, exploitation and mistreatment of girls, boys and adolescents must be reported immediately to the corresponding authorities, either directly to 123 or through the hotel reception.

Refrain from offering in tourism promotion programs and tourism plans, expressly or surreptitiously, plans for the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.

Refrain from giving information to tourists, directly or through an intermediary, about places from which they coordinate or where they practice commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.

Refrain from driving tourists, directly or through third parties, to establishments or places where commercial sexual exploitation of children is practiced, as well as driving them to places where tourists are staying, even if they are localized places. on the high seas, for the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.

Refrain from facilitating vehicles on tourist routes for the purpose of exploitation or sexual abuse of children and adolescents.

Prevent the entry of children and adolescents to hotels or places of accommodation and lodging, bars, similar businesses and other establishments in which tourist services are provided, for the purpose of exploitation or sexual abuse.

Adopt measures aimed at preventing personnel linked in any way to the company from offering tourist services that allow sexual activity with children and adolescents.

Protect national or foreign children and adolescents from all forms of exploitation and sexual violence caused by national or foreign tourists.

Report to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and other competent authorities, the facts of which he had knowledge by any means, as well as the suspicion of these, related to sexual exploitation of boys, girls and adolescents and ensure that within the company there are channels to report such events to the competent authorities.

Design and disclose within the company and with its suppliers of goods and services, a policy in which the provider establishes measures to prevent and counteract  all forms of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in travel and tourism.

Train all personnel linked to and linked to the company, as well as suppliers who, due to the nature of their activities, have contact with tourists, on the issue of prevention of commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.

Inform its users about the legal consequences in Colombia of the exploitation and sexual abuse of children and adolescents.

Post this Code of Conduct and other commitments that the provider wishes to assume in order to protect children and adolescents in a public and visible place in the business establishment or establishments.

You must collaborate in a timely manner, denouncing any type of criminal activity or conduct or activity that puts the integrity of the Hotel and its employees, customers and visitors at risk to the competent authorities.

There must be an environment of respect among the collaborators of Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia. Likewise, it is important to integrate the visitor in this environment of respect. Remembering the principle of collaboration and mutual respect.

Act with integrity, honesty and loyalty in all our work relationships, both within and before society.

Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia recognizes the importance of respecting and promoting inclusion and diversity among its activities, as well as controlling any form of discrimination based on gender, race, sexual orientation, physical condition, religious belief, political inclination, nationality, economic status, among others, including in the selection and hiring processes where the skills of the offeror and the technical needs of each vacancy will prevail.

It should be known that the safety and needs of the client is a priority; he should be treated with courtesy and kindness since he is paying for a comprehensive quality service.

Be aware  that the guest seeks tranquility, peace and privacy in our hotel, so we must know and perceive when he needs us and when we must respect his space.

We must always keep confidential the internal information of Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia, which represents all that is not made public or through promotional material. This restriction must be maintained even if you are no longer part of the company's collaborators.

Commit ourselves to give good use and care to all the assets of the company, be it infrastructure, equipment, tools, accessories and furniture; remembering that all are for exclusive use for the purposes of the company.

We will be ethical and always give fair competition; we will not illegally seek information from competitors; What's more, we will ensure that we maintain good relations with them. We will not publish offensive or false material or advertising that harms the reputation of our competitors.

The community around us is the environment where Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia develops and works, so we must ensure that the physical, natural and cultural integrity of the population is safeguarded, always ensuring the safety and idiosyncrasy of its inhabitants. Any action or act that violates the order and natural life of the population must be reported to the respective authorities.

Ensure the promotion of negotiations framed in compliance with the laws and regulations that regulate business activity.

Maintain ethical and respectful conduct with our stakeholders and with the environment.

Take actions that promote the reduction of the consumption of non-renewable natural resources (electricity, water)

Rational use of resources, minimizing the consumption of water, energy, paper, reducing the generation of waste, favoring recycling.

Promote tourism in Medellin –Colombia

Comply with our comprehensive management policy of offering our guests a peaceful environment where service is our priority, improving day by day.

Any doubt or confusion in the application or understanding of any of the points of this code may be presented to the General Management during a meeting with the staff.

This code may be redesigned or modified in a meeting with the staff and prior approval of the General Management of Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia.

Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct by DHCC employees may lead to administrative action and appropriate penalties.

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